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Factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam


Advantages of The factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam

Factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam 01


Currently, the real estate market is vibrant with a wide variety of products. These include industrial parks, export processing zones, hi-tech parks ... However, in the context of the new economy has recovered, the ready build factory for lease is considered to be the best fit for the small and medium enterprises. And factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam at Kizuna servcied factory area can be the typical example.

The ready built factory for lease of Kizuna is attracting many foreign investors by many advantages. Providing a chain of serviced factories, Kizuna not only offers the customers a solution for a business workplace but also services and facilities that helps small and medium enterprises (SME) quickly establish the business, save cost, easily integrate and  focus on production in order to gain highest efficiency. 

To develop the SME commune in Vietnam is the direction for Kizuna actions from product R&D to operation. The Kizuna 1 workshop area serving  SME  is the peak of out 15-year experience in the field of industrial real-estate. 

1. The factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam at Kizuna serviced factory helps the investors to save cost

The factories and the services system are designed in Japanese standard and can meet high demand of the variety of investors like Japan, Korea, Australia, Vietnam,...

Factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam 02With the convenient location :


    - HCM downtown: 15 km

    - Tan Son Nhat Airport: 20 km

    - Phu My Hung New city: 16 km

    -  Saigon port: 16 km

    -  Cat Lai port: 25 km

    - Easily connect to Mekong Delta via 1A National Road.  


Factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam will help save transportation cost, initial investment cost for the investors, easily to hire high skill labour from HCMC.

Besides , the location is near Phu My Hung Urban Area (only thirty minitues by car) with many high quality and convenient apartments  , it is easy for the company to arrange the the foreigner managers to stay at Dist 7 for working everyday. Kizuna can support common shuttle buse system (from district 7 to Kizuna) if the customer has demand.

Investors can also reduce the time and transportation cost in moving their cargos to the Port for import and export.

2. The high quality infrastructure in the factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam at Kizuna sericed factory helps the investors to feel safe

Factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam 03

- 3 layer security systme: Kizuna 1 has a single entrance and is equipped with access control station, camera and laser beam system, watch towers and 24/24 security force. Therefore, customers can rely on security at Kizuna and focus on their core business activities. 

- Electricity: 2 National Electricity Networks via Can Duoc Station and Ho Chi Minh City Station, 2 power supplies to support investor to maintain production activities continuously (ensure 24/24 production)

 - Water: From Ha Lan Water Supply Firm, just 500m away from Kizuna

 - Wasted water treatment: central wasted water treatment system, receive wasted water type B. 

 - Greenery, relaxing area and the free of charge truck parking lot. 

  - A ready built factory area with 30 factories built from high quality materials that meets the LEED Standard of USA, the factories has the area from 500 to 1500 m2 that can be modified to meet the demands of the customers.

 With the above advanatages, the SME can save cost and time when choosing investing in Kizuna serviced factory area. 

3. The investors can save time by the support services of Kizuna sericed factory area

Factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam 04

Multi languages-speaking sales executives at Kizuna can reply to all the questions of the customers in English, Japanese, Vietnamese. The professional and experienced staffs of Kizuna will support the investors with every problems such as legal procedures, human resource, accounting and customs clearance on the initial production.

Kizuna serviced factory area with its legal supporting services will help investors quickly establish their business. Kizuna will support the customers to get Investment Certificate, company stamp and tax code certificate.

Besides, Kizuna also provide services packages of accounting, HR, IT, rental warehouse, office for lease, working desk for lease,… supporting the investors to start and do the business easily. In case the customer has demand of recruitment, Kizuna will support posting recruitment information on the website and bulletin. Kizuna can also support online marketing for your company's product on Kizuna’s website.

4. Tax incentives and good relationship of Kizuna is a attactive destination for investors

Factory for lease in Long An Province Vietnam 05

The investors can get tax advantages : tax exemption in the first 2 years, 50% tax reduction in the next 4 years. This is the special incentives only applied to several industrial parks, including Kizuna serviced factory area.

Kizuna has a good relationship with government authorities in Long An, many partners. This relationship will create a great business support for investors who invest in Kizuna.

Easy to integrate, abundant chances for promotion.

Connect to government agencies and Vietnamese Enterprise associations.

Kizuna is the first investor to have the land use right Certificate and factory ownership rights for each workshop. Therefore, the investors can buy the workshop of Kizuna if they need.

It can be said that for foreign investors, renting or buying the factory for lease at Kizuna is more effective than building the own factory.

5. Special promotion in 2014

In order to create favorable conditions for enterprises manufacturing factory who need large areas, Kizuna officially launched special promotions for 1000m2 built factories as below:

Promotion for online booking:

Promotion for 1000m2 factories:

                Service Pack : Customers are free to use the administrative services and tax accounting of ACC with its equivalent value $600 within 2014.

                 Factory Package : Get 0.5 USD/m2/month directly discount on rental fee of the factory within 2014. Since 2015 customers will pay rental fee under the current pricing policy.


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